About Us

Over 5 years of experience in Virtual Education Fairs we have been also running exclusive high school fairs, online agent workshops, country focused fairs twice a year in Turkey, UAE, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia,Morocco, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, Eygpt,Bulgaria, Romania, Pakistan, Serbia.

We create an excellent platform to connect institutions with prospective students, parents and student recruitment agencies. Our priority is to make sure our participants enjoy the focused concept of each event and highest organisational standards with VEF.

What we do:

  • Virtual Education fairs
  • Online Agents Workshops
  • Online Presentations and seminars
  • Online Marketing campaigns
  • High School Fairs
  • Face to face Education fairs
  • Hybrid Education Fairs

Why take place at VEF

  • Market experience since 2005
  • Meet thousands of prospective students & parents
  • Returning clients with great experience
  • Full support before, during and after the event from VEF Team



VEF Team is Here To help!