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✮ July 23, 2024 ✮

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Exclusive Undergraduate Application Tour / July 23, Antalya

The tour will span major cities in Turkey, including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, and Antalya, providing a unique opportunity for your institution to connect with prospective undergraduate-seeking students.

The Exclusive Undergraduate Education Fair Tour aims to bring together top universities and eager students seeking quality undergraduate programs. This event will serve as a platform for universities to showcase their academic offerings, engage with potential students, and provide valuable insights into the international educational opportunities available at your institution.

Who Can Participate?

  • Universities

  • Pathway Providers

  • Language Schools

  • Exam Service Providers

  • Accommodation Providers

  • Insurance Providers

Why Participate in the Undergraduate Application Tour?

  • Targeted Audience: This fair specifically caters to undergraduate-seeking students, ensuring that your institution connects with individuals actively exploring their higher education options abroad.

  • Geographical Diversity: By touring major cities, we aim to reach students from diverse regions, promoting inclusivity and expanding the reach of your university.

  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with students, parents, and educators in a dynamic environment. Foster meaningful connections and address queries directly, enhancing your university's visibility.

  • Brand Exposure: Showcase your institution's unique offerings and establish a strong presence in the competitive landscape of higher education.

Why Participate in the Undergraduate Application Tour?

  • Registration of 2 representatives

  • Exhibition space at a 5-star venu

  • Connecting +100.000 students who are at their decision-making stage

  • Profile of the institution on the student website 

  • Smart banners with QR codes for brochures & lead generation

  • Logo, video & scholarship you offer on the official social media accounts

  • Advertising of your institution

  • Networking dinner

  • Free interpreter’s service during the event (on request)

  • Technical support, tutorials for how to use the best way of the platform

  • Live chat, audio & video call with the students and parents throughout the event (if can’t travel to all the cities)

  • Export profiles of visitors who registered for the event & visited your booth, downloaded your materials 

The event will take place in 6 different cities at 5 venues, our counselors will be assisting each of our participating institutions during & after the event.

Exclusive Undergraduate Application Tour Calender "July 2024"

  Exclusive Undergraduate Application       July 19-20-21       Istanbul 
  Exclusive Undergraduate Application    July 20-21       Ankara
  Exclusive Undergraduate Application    July 20       Bursa
  Exclusive Undergraduate Application    July 22       Adana   
  Exclusive Undergraduate Application    July 22-23       Izmir   
  Exclusive Undergraduate Application    July 23      Antalya
  Exclusive Undergraduate Application    July 24      Diyarbakir   









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