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VEF's Voice presents a unique opportunity where educational institutes can deliver the most useful information about their institutes and study abroad in general to the most enthusiastic students. 

The elongated, exhaustive, and lengthy seminars are over! We are organizing much more compact, substantial, and loaded videos which presents a more watchable experience to students.

The videos and hence, your institution will be promoted on our website, social media platforms and YouTube channel. This means the video and your institution will be more visible to Google and YouTube searches and it will be used in digital ads.

Benefits of VEF’s VOICE

Brings quality & quantity of students together

Reach a very specific target group

Increase your institution’s brand awareness with an original & unique content

Opportunity to continue to reach your target audience as the video is uploaded on VEF’s student webpage

Great chance to create and deliver high-quality visual content that can have a positive impact on your audience

With great content stand out from your competitors

A very cost-effective way to market your products


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